Betting Club Stats, Bankroll & Admin Done For You

Bet together in a club using all your favourite sportsbooks. See the club's bets, stats and bankroll in one place. All without a spreadsheet.

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Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Stats for your bets
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Goat Club Bet Tracking App - An app to bet in a club with friends

Stats For Everyone and Everything

The whole squad can see the club's bets and how much cash is in the kitty. And, stats are broken down by each club member to show you who the real MVP is. Now, it doesn't fall on one lazy man to update the club's spreadsheet.

Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Stats for your bets

Bet With Any Sportsbook

You can bet with as many accounts as you want. We'll calculate your stats across all of them. And, you can segment your results by just about anything. Now, you can know more details about your own betting than the bookies would ever tell you.

Quotation marks
You do the betting,
we'll do the admin.
Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Stats for your bets
Smart filters.
Filter your betting history by date, sports, bookie, odds, stake and bettor. Get right down to the nitty gritty like never before.
Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Betting bankroll management app
Less bank telling, more beersies.
See who's all tallied up, track expenses and see exactly how much each punter has won, lost and deposited.
Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Stats for your bets
Stats the bookies won't show you.
We show you stats and analysis about your own betting that the bookies would never tell you about.
Goat Club Bet Tracking App - An app to bet in a club with your friends
Not in a betting club? It's all good.
Goat Club works exactly the same for individuals. Just sign up as an individual. You can always invite mates later to form a club.
Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Stats for your bets
In more than one club?
You can be in as many clubs as you like, all under your one account. All the club stats will be kept separate.
Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Highlights for your best bets
Your highlights and betting form.
We highlight your best bets and you'll each have a form guide and see a record of every bet you've ever place.

The bookies aren't your friends.

  But we are.

Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Stats for your bets
Simply enter the bets you want to track, and we'll do all the maths for you.
Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Stats for your bets
Personalised betting stats and analytics for you and your whole crew.
Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Stats for your bets
We'll keep a running tally of your betting wallet based on deposits, withdrawals, wins and losses that you tell us about.
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Monthly Plan
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  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Bet tracking with automatic resulting
  • Personal and Club Stats
  • Bankroll Management
  • Club Management
  • Punters Form and Highlights
  • Odds comparison
How it works

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It's free for individuals and clubs.
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Goat Club Bet Tracking App - Goat Club Bet Tracking App - A man looking disappointed in himself because he lost the most bets in his club

End the debate once and for all.

Are you your club's best punter? Goat Club gives you quick access to each punter's track record.
Goat Club Bet Tracking App - A man looking smug because he won the most bets in his club

Bragging rights are forever.

We'll even highlight your best payouts on the club dashboard, because bragging rights are forever.

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Can sports betting be profitable?
With discipline, yes.
Common Questions

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Get in touch with us at
I am having trouble using Goat Club, where can I go for help?
Flick us an email at, or DM us on social media and our team will be on deck to help out.
Where can I provide feedback or suggest a new feature for Goat Club?
Got a great idea for Goat Club? Please email, or DM us on social media and we will work towards including your idea into a future release of the app.
How do I join my mate's club?
Just ask your mate to invite you by going into their club settings and hitting 'invite a friend'. They'll get a link they can share with you and once you click it you'll be prompted to create an account (if you don't already have one) and automatically added to their club.
What if I'm not in a club in real life?
Doesn't matter at all. Goat Club works just as well if you're riding hans solo. Just sign up and away you go. You'll still be able to track your bets and bankroll and use all of Goat Club's great features all the same. If you change your mind later, you can always invite mates to join and all your data will be kept. Or you can start a new club and keep the 2 profiles separate.
How many clubs can I be in?
As many as you like all under the one account and login. Totally free.
Does it matter which bookies I use?
Not at all. You can use Goat Club to track your bets with any bookie.
When will there be an Android app?
Using an Android device? Goat Club is currently only available on iOS, but we are working hard on our Android release which will become available in 2022.
What countries is Goat Club available in?
You can use our app from anywhere in the world, and track any bet from any bookie that you bet with.
Is there a limit to how many people can join my club?
There is no limit on how many punters can join a club, but we recommend keeping numbers manageable. 5-10 users is the most common club size. You can always create more than one club to keep things tidy and organised (there is no limit to how many clubs you can create, join and run).
Can I still use Goat Club app for my own individual betting separate from any club?
Yes, simply sign up and just don't invite anyone else to join your club. The app will work exactly the same.
Is my money safe using the Goat Club app?
We never touch your betting money or bankroll. Your funds and bets remain with your chosen bookie and bank, and are never held or managed by Goat Club.
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